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Explore the amazing field of Software Testing with our comprehensive courses in Test Automation, Manual Testing, and Mobile Testing. Gain practical skills in creating robust automated test scripts using tools like Selenium, Cucumber, and Playwright, alongside mastering manual testing principles including test case design, execution, and defect management. Dive into mobile testing strategies, covering both manual and automated approaches for ensuring seamless user experiences across iOS and Android platforms. With hands-on experience and expert guidance, these courses equip you with the essential skills to thrive in the ever-evolving landscape of software testing.

Software Test

Automation (SDET)

In just 20 weeks, you can acquire the necessary skill set to pursue a rewarding career as a Full Stack Software Test Automation Engineer!

$4,900 USD

QA Analyst

(Manual Testing)

Dive into the fundamentals of manual testing with our comprehensive course. Learn essential techniques for designing test cases, executing tests, and managing defects effectively. Gain practical experience and insights to ensure software quality and reliability. Whether you're a beginner or looking to enhance your testing skills, this course is your pathway to success in software testing. Duration: 8-10 weeks.

$1,999 USD

Mobile Test


Discover exciting opportunities in the ever-changing mobile technology industry, where you can make a significant impact. Pre-requisites: Experience with Software Testing for at least 1 year. Course Duration: 4 weeks.

$1,399 USD

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